The strategies and complexity of the decisions and objectives underlying images are everywhere. Strong images with purpose, images that share secrets and speak directly of being and the rich documentation of time and community engaged in understanding its own ongoing transformation. Art is seldom as expected. Cultural, philosophical and historical passages offer great adventure, nurturing invention and evolving awareness. Global diversity started anew the pursuit of communication platforms capable of addressing identity in a constantly expanding and changing world.

As a world engaged, we note our trajectories to identify our targets. I desire to approach, challenge and explore definitions of beauty in truths. Art pursues that understanding. I am particularly drawn to international contexts in presenting my work. These opportunities invigorate and challenge the work and the audience in unexpected ways, and ripple a continuous ocean of possibility, not probability.

Each exhibition is an opportunity to encourage conversation within communities. Across the world, increasing attention is being paid to the benefits of a culturally enriched environment that supports cohesive communities each recognizing it’s unique character and history through interactive dialogue resulting from broad art experience. Simultaneously, encounters with diverse cultural experience through artistic expression functions to introduce the unfamiliar in an open supportive context conducive to dialogue and comprehension.

Artist Statement

Caught between dream and duty my work is fraught with contradiction and conflict, rapidly moving from point to counterpoint in a struggle for resolution. The condition of simultaneous polarity involves sets of independent and interrelated elements each focused on recognizing and reconciling its own transformation.

My work consists primarily of site responsive installations. In each case the exhibition space provides initial input into organizational possibilities as well as content orientation. In entering into this dialogue of place one necessarily carries the accumulated perceptions, attitudes, and experiences of the artist. Each project becomes a matter of sorting relevance, priorities, and pressing concerns into a working response. Themes are specifically derived from context and community.

Unifying this process is the use of relevant recycled materials as content in an anti commodity approach where value resides not in materials or process but in the presentation of ideas. Materials utilized are selected as appropriate to content (Kentucky red clay, limestone wash, copy toner, acrylics, polyvinyl acetate, dyes, screen inks, powdered pigment, metallic powders on heavyweight paper and Braille pages).

My goal is to continue to pursue national and international venues for the presentation and exchange of my studio work.


For over 35 years I have had the responsibility of teaching art to a broad array of interested students. Good students teach teachers. They embrace and celebrate the communication process by questioning ideas as ideals.

Making (modeling) is thinking. Creativity is synthesis. Presentation is clarifying conversation.

The energy loop in classes recharges and expands until excitement overtakes adventure and enthusiasm overcomes lethargy, transforming artists and audience alike.

My certain and special appreciation to all of my students. Thanks.

Thanks to Erik Dunham for all of his help and encouragement over the years. He has generously put his formidable professional skills at my service to help me try making sense of trying to make sense of the world in my times.


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