Eden Unknown


How the future is written in the past. The invention of time.


(Left and right pieces in corners)
Double dunce Inversion, Suspension cones, Fallujah, megaphone.
Image as object, object as image.

Midnight Sun

Monocular myopia.
(Black acrylic on metal, 42″ across, Hole (black or white) changes in time)


(Left and right of Midnight Sun, vertical pieces)
Scarified guardians, wounds as memory, history carried on women’s back, machete scars as seasons, Rwanda.

Enter Eden

Atom + Eve (2 sets)

(Left and right, top)
East and west
Dorian Gray Suite, decaying leaf masks, elephant hide ground, cyclical memory.

FIG. (leaf) (2 sets)

(Left and right, bottom)
Conceal/reveal, mortality/morality veiled, Stench of Magnolias, Southern exoticism.

Jackson’s Gate

(Doorway frame, outer pieces)
“I am Nature”
Ecological Warning, Primal Quilt
(Cinematic frame, color digital print toner)

Braille Portal

(Doorway frame, inner pieces)
In or out passage to garden.
Blind Choice, color unseen, act of faith.

Selected Details

Adam                                                                    Midnight Sun                                                                    Madam

Black acrylic on metal, 42″ across,
Hole (black or white) changes over time.

Anne Wright Wilson
Fine Arts Gallery
Georgetown, KY

Eden Unknown