Exploring detours, changing minds, changing places.

Pretty Cages share secrets and speak directly of being and the rich documentation of a community engaged in understanding its own ongoing transformation. Cultural, philosophical and historical passages offer great adventure that nurture awareness and invention. We are always starting anew the pursuit of communication platforms capable of addressing evolving identity in a constantly expanding and changing world.

Art is seldom as expected.

The late comedian, George Carlin noted the hypnotic capacity of simple cyclone fencing to overwhelm perception through overlapping pattern. Add to that recipe contradictory systems and bright color to further undermine stability and you create an “unfence.” In the vortex of transitional overload one can become trapped, disoriented and insecure. (foreclosed)

Pretty Cages are five 6 x 5 foot screen ink paintings on recycled window shades. The cages themselves collectively define the PREDATOR whose natural inherited abilities and skills (mad flapping wings) make for effective unquestioning authority. Manipulating all the elements of hunt and conquest it effectively services its own survival and replication. Ultimately it dominates all and finally feeds upon itself in a fit of completion, fulfilling its purpose and destiny of successful self-destruction.