Dark Days



(Top) Descent/Victory.
(Ink on vegetation stencil)

Red Sky

(Bottom) Individual titles, left to right:
Dawn and Dusk, Burning Sea, Mars.


Two fifteen foot columns waver together in exhaustion, sapped by a struggle for dominance. Striped by wounds of conflict, marked by their history. They are webbed as a ladder by machete on skin. Severe scarification predicts demise and holds pasts and futures. Rwanda. (see Goya, “Two Men With Cudgels”) (Acrylic, metallic enamels, sanded grout on paper )


War cages, prisons, politics.

Greater Than Less

Common center, enemy within.
(Marble dust, PVA on paper)


Whole or a part, fragmentation, corruption.

Doris Ulmann Galleries
Berea College Art Department, Berea, KY

Dark Days