Shard Factor


Floating elements separate from surfaces, image as object and object as image.

Holoplastic memory, all things connect and explain all other things and shift over time.

Works shown are executed in a variety of media (acrylics, polyvinyl acetate, dyes, powdered pigment, and metallic powders) on heavyweight paper. Several applications of color are applied to the surfaces using a variety of squeegee devices. Succeeding layers are scraped to expose undercolor and to create a patina of wear which reveals the accumulated history of their making. The resulting surfaces have the ability to both absorb and project light simultaneously creating a subtle yet effective ambiguity of space. These fields are tested as small shards of photo-representational elements are set in central contrast to the abstract image. Finally each work is given a resolving paper thin red outer edge as a secondary separation device or frame. The resulting pieces are presented as floating elements separated from exhibition surfaces further emphasizing the conflict between image as object and object as image.

Exhibited at Lindsey Wilson College in 2003.

Shard Factor